My Blue Space

My Blue Space

Soon I shall be heading to my Blue Space. It is time to open up the holiday home for a new season.  My Blue Space is in the sunny south-east.  It is a little peace of heaven.  

A Blue Space is known for its good qualities for health and wellbeing.  Health and the visibility of water is known as “Blue Space”.  The sounds of waves alters wave patterns in the brain (according to a number of articles on recent studies) and make you happier and relaxed which in turn helps rejuvenate the mind and body.

Idyllic sandy beach and blue ocean

There are lots of benefits of having a Blue Space.  The sea air is charged with healthy negative ions (the science bit) so you sleep soundly as the ions accelerate the ability to absorb oxygen.  This is so true, I always sleep better when I have had a walk on the beach, especially if it is in the evening time.  Another scientific fact is that when you float in the sea water, the blood from your lower limbs is pumped towards the abdominal region, which is nearer the heart.  This occurs as you are no longer standing upright and this fresh blood brings more oxygen to the brain making you more alert and active.  You get increased levels of serotonin which is a chemical in the body and this attributes to wellbeing and happiness. There is no better feeling than floating in the sea looking up at the sky. Ah Bliss.  I can’t wait for a dip in the ocean.

wellbeing 2

If you are blessed with a sunny day in your Blue Space then endorphins are released as the heat of the sun allows the endocrine system secrete these natural chemicals to make you feel relaxed and less stressed. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) then a Blue Space with the benefit of the sun is good for you.  I love that first feeling of the sun on your face when you just have to close your eyes and enjoy the feeling.  Here comes the sun (doo doo doo). Here comes the sun and I say, it’s all right…….by the Beatles. Can you hear it in your head now. 

Enjoy your Blue Space wherever you find it, I know I will.  

blue ocean




Dollymount Strand, Dublin

Did this walk today. Fresh, a bit cloudy, but what a beautiful sky. Never did get to the other end.

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I found this draft from last March (2015). I never got to post it.

Thought I should share it if only a year later and on the last day of March.

It was a bright sunny Sunday morning and we rose fresh and ready for the day. The wind had died down a good bit, so we set off for our Sunday stroll after breakfast.  Some time ago we were down by the PoolBeg lighthouse enjoying a brisk fresh walk along the half-moon walk.  I took some photo’s of Dublin Bay and its surrounding coastline on that day and we could see across the bay to Dollymount Strand. We promised ourselves that day to go for a walk on that beach some day soon.poolbegpoolbeg 2So now we were here (there in the distance in the photos above).

We drove through the city centre out by Fairview and Clontarf along the…

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