Carol-Ann McGuirk –                      Hairdresser to the Stars

Carol-Ann McGuirk – Hairdresser to the Stars

If you have been following ‘Dancing with the Stars’ since the beginning of the year, you may have noticed the wonderful hair creations of the Professional dancers and the Celebrities.


These were all created and managed by Carol-Ann McGuirk, hairdresser to the Stars.  Carol-Ann has worked tirelessly every weekend to ensure that all of the hairstyles of each dancer looked spectacular on the dance floor.  Not a hair could be out-of-place while they twirled and whirled around and even when they were upside down on a few occasions. 

IMG_20180223_193529Carol-Ann has nearly 30 years of hairdressing experience, starting out on her career at a young age of 14.  She trained in Peter Marks Hair Salon and worked for about 18 years with the group, with her longest time being spent in the Stephens Green Salon.  She worked for some time in London at the Charles Worthington Salon where she was involved with ‘London Fashion Week’.  Carol-Ann currently is an Art Director at Reds Hair Salon, Dawson Street, Dublin and is in her 11th year at this salon. 


‘Off the Rails’, ‘Meteor Awards’, Chief hairstylist for ‘The Voice of Ireland’ for 6 years.  These are only some of the shows that Carol-Ann has worked on.  She was part of the ‘Operation Transformation’ team for 8 years and only gave this up in order to do ‘Dancing with the Stars’.  This is all apart from the day job at Reds Hair Salon where all her clients speak highly of her.  Carol-Ann was quoted in an interview last year saying “I treat all my regular clients like celebrities, so I am very comfortable working with great artists in TV, Film, Theatre, Music or Dance productions. It’s my job and I love it”. 

Carol-Ann relaxes in her downtime by going to the gym and horse riding when she can. She has won numerous awards, among them – the ‘Creative Fantasy Awards’ with the Irish Hair Federation which she won twice and came second as well on another occasion.  Carol-Ann was the first Irish girl to come 4th  in the World at the ‘Full Fashion’ event in Milan with ‘Team Ireland’ a few years ago.  She came 3rd in Europe at ‘The World Hairdressing Championships’ in Germany again with Team Ireland.  Carol-Ann has also been awarded the Image Award (L’Oreal Color Trophy).


In February 2018 Carol-Ann was nominated and shortlisted for the Image Beauty of Business Awards 2018 in the Most Creative Talent in Hair Category.  The winner of the Most Creative Talent in Hair award will have shown precision, outstanding creativity and flair in hairdressing. He or she will have a reputation as one of Ireland’s most in demand hair heroes. 


I have been campaigning over the past few weeks on her behalf through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  The votes are coming and we need them to keep coming until midnight on Sunday 8th April.  The award ceremony is on the following weekend.  Let us help Carol-Ann get the award that she deserves. 

The link for voting is and you can vote every day with legitimate email addresses on separate devices.  So if you have two emails you can vote on your phone and your laptop. If you have more than one legitimate email and more than one device, then that great news. 

Only this week left for voting.  Thank you for your votes. CLICK HERE PLEASE


DigiNanna is back in college

DigiNanna is back in college

DigiNanna is back in college to finish her course in Digital Marketing. I will be attending class two nights a week in the National College of Ireland until Christmas but have to work on assignments afterwards until the end of January before I can breath and say I have finished.  I hope to  graduate next November 2017 all going well. This will be my second graduation in 3 years.  I am a very lucky Nanna to have the opportunity to do this.

This semester we are studying two modules which are Social Medial and Public Relations and the other one is Technology and User Experience UX.  I am enjoying both modules and learning new things all the time. 

Time Management and organisation are keys to successful learning.  It just takes a little while to get back into  college mode.  It is now a couple of weeks, so I can safely say I am in the thick of it.  Part of our weekly homework is blogging on what we have learned and what we see all around us in relation to our course.  It as been fun and you can follow my blog about that on my personal page click here    

This is all relatively new to me and blogging is good for the soul.  You too could do this.  WordPress is a great site to get you started – see here for yourself  get started


I also use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. I have tried Snapchat for research purposes for college, but I have not got the hang of it yet.  My adult children are very nimble on Snapchat and have great fun making funny photos to send to me especially of my 3 grandchildren.  They also use it to keep up with their  friends and cousins some of whom live abroad.  Of course, there is the app that is ‘the next best thing since sliced bread’.   WhatsApp.  This is the most used app within my family circle.  My parents who are new to phone apps love this as they can get messages and photos from all the family free of charge. 

Facebook is a great tool for keeping in contact with family and friends especially those overseas or those that you only meet from time to time. You can set up private groups for family/friends and share stories, photos, updates.  I have a few groups, family, school friends, classmates from two different colleagues.  There are also groups for like minded people and its good to see what else is out there.  You are always sure to pick up a tip or two during your browse through Facebook.


I have been at the computer for a while now and its time to unwind with a soap or two on TV.  I hope that I may have inspired someone to give social media  a go and let me know what you are up to so that DigiNannaDublin can follow you.