User Experience – The Drone at the Instameet Dublin 2016.

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This is part of my weekly blog on User Experience for my college assignment.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of partaking in the first INSTAMEET in Europe.  This was hosted by Irish Rail and the ‘JJ Community’ and was a free event.  We all met in Connolly Station  (about 80 of us in total) and having had complimentary  tea and  coffee with pastries to set us up for a couple of hours we set off on our mystery tour with nothing but INSTAGRAM on our minds.

We arrived at our destination within approximately 20 minutes – Skerries, Co. Dublin. This town has just won the overall award of ‘Best Tidy Town in Ireland’.  After initial introductions and allocation to our  individual group leaders   we set off to the windmills and mill house which were in close proximity to the train station.


One of the organisers had a drone (3DR)…

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