Diginanna is alive and kicking

  • It is now mid August and the summer is coming to an end. DigiNanna has been very busy with her family this summer and neglected her blogging. Apologies for this. It is nearly time to go back to school and college and time for DigiNanna to go back to blogging.  I have promised you of new things to come and I am working with my business partner on making DigiNanna a more interactive place to visit.  We are working on updating the website and improving the look.  DigiNanna will be a much better resource providing informative ‘SILVER LINKS‘ to keep all of you surfers updated.  Do you have a story to share with our readers ?  What did you do with your summer ? How do you get on with social media ?  I am sure at least one of you silver surfers has a story to tell.  If you do, link up with me through my contact page.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and get surfing with DigiNanna in the future.

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